Developed by anti-corrosion experts, the three devices impress with robustness, usability and performance. All required measurement tasks in heavy corrosion protection are solved quickly and reliably. The DFT is the handheld device for the simple layer thickness measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals. The DPM with integrated measuring probe is used to measure and record all climate parameters relevant for coating processes. The SPG checks the surface profile in the blink of an eye. All devices are available in a corrosion kit. Optionally: the Bresle Salt Kit for quick, easy testing of the salt contamination of surfaces.



  • Drop resistant, dustproof and hose water protected housings according to IP65

  • One-hand operation via 4 seized pressure points for optimal work even with gloves

  • Visual, haptic and audible feedback for full control over the measurement

  • Intuitive user interface allows easy handling even by untrained personnel

  • Scratch-resistant, high-contrast display adapts to device positioning

  • Fast data transmission via Bluetooth, WiFi and USB-C

  • Three-point support for precise measuring in every situation (DFT)

  • Preconfigured batches for SSPC-PA 2, IMO PSPC, ISO 19840, Australian AS 3894.3 B, Swedish IS 18 41 60 etc. (DFT)

  • Probe pol (DFT) and temperature sensors (DPM) very resistent

  • Big memory space for 250,000 readings in 2500 batches (DFT) respectively 999 batches (DPM, SPG)



  • Shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms, chemical plants etc.

  • Ideal for use under very harsh conditions from -10 to 60 °C

  • Dual probe for reliable measurements on all relevant substrates: ISO/FE, NF/FE, ISO/NF (DFT)

  • Measuring ranges: 0–2500 µm on FE and 0–2000 µm on NF (DFT); 0–500 µm (SPG)

For more information visit Helmut Fischer website.

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