Helmut Fischer Fisherscope MMS PC2

The modular measurement system FISCHERSCOPE MMS PC2 with the Windows™ CE operating system is the ideal solution for highly precise coating thickness measurement and material testing. Networking capability via LAN and USB connectivity enables rapid integration in quality management systems and automated manufacturing processes. The device’s modular construction is achieved through plug-in cards, which bear the names of the handheld measurement devices that perform the same function. For maximum flexibility, choose from a broad portfolio of probes that suit the instrument to measuring a very wide range of quantitative properties such as coating thickness, electrical conductivity and ferrite content on a variety of sample geometries.



  • Robust and very versatile desktop instrument serving as a multifunctional measurement system with archiving and processing of measurement data
  • Flexible in application due to modular construction and interchangeable probes
  • Extremely adaptable, due to the variety of physical measurement techniques embodied in a single instrument: amplitude and phase-sensitive eddy current, magnetic induction, beta radiation
  • Comprehensive analytical and statistical functions
  • Intuitive operation via the large built-in touchscreen or using keyboard and mouse
  • Integration in automated production processes via diverse interfaces



  • Galvanized coatings as well as paint on steel; anodized coatings on aluminum (PERMASCOPE®)
  • Nano coatings (anti-fingerprints), solar cell coatings (thin film layers, CdTe/ glass), gold coatings on plug contacts, lead in solders on solder pads, trace analysis, photosensitive coatings, oil and wax layers (BETASCOPE®)
  • Measurement of copper coatings on surfaces and through-holes (SIGMASCOPE®) on circuit boards
  • Copper thicknesses on laminates or multi-layers, without any influence from facing copper coatings (SR-SCOPE®) in circuit board manufacture
  • Thickness of solder resist on copper (PERMASCOPE®) in circuit board manufacture
  • Graphite coatings on piston surfaces or anti-corrosion coatings on brake disks (PERMASCOPE®) in the automotive sector
  • Ferrous coatings on piston surfaces (NICKELSCOPE®) in the automotive sector
  • Ferrite content in austenitic or duplex steels (PERMASCOPE®)
  • Electrical conductivity of non-magnetic metals such as copper, aluminum, titanium (SIGMASCOPE®)

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