Medžiagų analizė (XRF)

Helmut-Fischer X-RAY 4000

The FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY 4000 is specially designed for coating thickness measurement and material analysis during strip electroplating processes. This measurement system has already been installed over 300 times in electroplating plants of diverse sizes. Because of the fast mechanisms for moving the measurement head, readings can be taken at various points on the product to be measured. The instrument’s modular design enables targeted selection of the optimal X-ray source and the ideal detector to meet your specific requirements.



  • Precise measurements during the ongoing production process: all hardware and software components are consistently aligned to the inline measurement
  • Minimal setup time with simple operation and automatic calibration
  • The best measurement conditions for the particular material, because X-ray source and detector are optimally selected and adjusted
  • Flexible: easily adjusted to various coating systems and to bandwidths from a few millimetres to one meter



Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Coatings on pressed and galvanized strips such as Au, Ag, Pd, Ni, Cu etc.
  • Electrical contacts on strip material
  • Hot tin-plated steel and copper coils
  • Thin coatings in the solar industry

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