Medžiagų analizė (XRF)

Helmut-Fischer Fisherscope XRF XUV

The vacuum measurement chamber of devices in the XUV® range enables the verification of light materials from sodium onwards by means of X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA). Because of the radiation-absorbing properties of room air, it is normally not possible to use this method. For this reason the instrument is ideal for very demanding coating thickness measurement and material analysis tasks.



  • Particularly suitable for research and development with their low detection limits, repeatable precision and universally upgradable measurement possibilities
  • Vacuum chamber and high-performance silicon drift detector for precise measurement, even of light elements
  • Automated serial testing with programmable X-, Y- and Z-axes
  • Adaptable to the demands of various materials and measurement conditions by means of exchangeable apertures and filters



Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Layers of light elements from sodium on wards on the nm scale
  • Aluminum and silicon layers


Material Analysis

  • Determination of the authenticity and provenance of precious stones
  • General material analysis and forensics
  • High-resolution trace analysis

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