Medžiagų analizė (XRF)

Helmut Fischer Fisherscope X-RAY XDV-µ SEMI

The FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDV-μ SEMI is an automated measurement system optimized for the quality control of micro-structures in complex 2.5D/3D packaging applications in the semiconductor industry. Fully automated analysis prevents damage to valuable wafer material. And consistent test conditions deliver reliable results. The instrument is suitable for use in clean rooms, and a comprehensive equipment catalog allows simple integration into existing wafer fabs.



  • Fully automated wafer handling and test process enables efficient staff deployment
  • Can precisely test structures up to 10 µm in diameter
  • Automatically locates positions to be measured with image recognition
  • Simple operation via Fischer WinFTM software
  • Individually applicable: manual measurements are possible at any time
  • Flexible: docking station for FOUP, SMIF and cassette, for 6, 8 and 12 wafers



Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Base metallization layers (UBM) on a nanometer scale
  • Thin lead-free solder caps on copper pillars
  • Extremely small contact surfaces and other complex 2.5D/3D packaging applications


Material Analysis

  • C4 and smaller solder bumps
  • Lead-free solder caps on copper pillars

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