OptiSense PaintChecker Reference Master

OptiSense reference masters are the ideal solution for users who need a particularly high level of security, accuracy and reliability when it comes to thickness measurement. Our reference masters are certified by a DAkkS laboratory and are precise to the micrometre, traceable and quickly ready for mass production.


Clear Benefits

  • form the basis for reliable measuring results
  • are important factors in optimised product quality
  • support reliable mass production
  • minimise measurement inaccuracies
  • meet internationally recognised standards
  • guarantee compliance with DIN ISO 9001


Test Equipment Management

Test equipment management and calibration are essential tools for increasing product quality and avoiding rejects and reworking. Measurement results in line with national standards are an absolute must. Regulations are, however, becoming more stringent: in certain cases, a company can only be certified according to an international quality standard if it has implemented a reliable procedure for measurement systems analysis (MSA). A reference master from OptiSense is what you need.


Reference Masters

They are called reference masters, reference standards, limit gauges, measuring or setting masters or often just zero gauges. In coating technology, they are paint samples with a defined layer of thickness that are put onto a test probe. These are customised products that are given the exact coating that will later be used in production. The reference master is therefore often produced directly from an original part. Our reference masters, certified by a DAkkS laboratory, are considered to represent the highest level of measurement accuracy and traceability.


From Design to Certification

OptiSense knows how to develop and manufacture reference masters perfectly. But only you know the production and measurement conditions on your site. Designing a reference master is therefore always a joint project. The result is a highly accurate workpiece and an expressive, traceable test certificate as proof of the measurement quality achieved for precise device calibration and reliable measurement results, particularly in networked manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0).

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