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OptiSense PaintChecker MOBILE LED-R, non-contact

The PaintChecker MOBILE LED-R is a photothermal measuring device used for the non-contact and non destructive determination of coating thicknesses in accordance with DIN EN 15042-2. It is suitable for use with wet or dry organic coatings such as paints and glazes, both solvent and water-based, on various substrates, including metal, extruded rubber and ceramics.

Made of extruded, high-strength plastic, it is designed to be used manually and includes an infrared light source that is safe for the eyes as well as measurement data recording.
The fabricated cable that connects the sensor and the controller unit is 0.8 m in length.



Value/Value range
Coating thickness range
typ. 1 – 300 μm (metallic substrate)*
typ. 0 –  60 μm (non-metallic substrate)*
Field size Ø = 1 mm
Repetition rate max. 1 Hz*
Measuring period 64 .. 2.048 ms*
Risk group 1
Laser power max. 1,5 W
Laser operating mode Pulsed operation
Resolution approx. 1% of current measuring value**
Messgenauigkei approx. 3% of current measuring value**
Measuring distance 35 mm
Distance tolerance ± 3 mm
Angle tolerance ± 15°
Dimensions L = 160 mm, W = 50 mm
Weight approx. 225 g


* Depends on coating thickness/set of parameters
** Depends on paint/substrate combination

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