OptiSense PaintChecker mobile measuring devices

The PaintChecker mobile models from OptiSense enable accurate measurement of wet, powdery and solid coatings on metallic and non-metallic substrates without the need for contact. The compact, lightweight, handheld devices are designed for continuous, fatigue-free use in the laboratory and on the production line.


Clear Benefits

  • Contactless photothermal process for many material combinations
  • Small measuring spot accurately detects small parts, corners and edges
  • With the sensor, which is separated from the handheld device, even hard-to-reach areas can be accessed
  • Robust semiconductor technology for long battery life
  • Intuitive operation and acoustic confirmation enable measurements without looking
  • Three-point illuminated visor ensures correct measuring distance for freehand measurements
  • Measurement results and evaluation can be seen at a glance on the large, clear display
  • USB interface for data storage and analysis with PC and Excel


PaintChecker mobile Laser Pen

The mobile OptiSense laser models are mainly used for smooth coatings on metallic substrates. The slim laser sensors are particularly suitable for coating thickness inspections on delicate small parts, corners and edges thanks to their tiny measuring spot. A special version with a particularly short working distance allows you to measure in very confined spaces or on coatings with a high metal content. Thanks to the patented LARES® technology, all mobile OptiSense models are eye-safe.


PaintChecker mobile Gun-R

The larger measuring point makes LED sensors ideal for freehand measurements on rough surfaces. The Gun-R model is particularly suitable for plastic or rubber components. As with all OptiSense devices, the sensor is separate from the control unit and connected with a flexible cable. The lightweight, ergonomically-designed sensor can be carried comfortably in a holster and guided precisely and effortlessly to the component without touching or damaging sensitive coatings.


PaintChecker mobile Gun-B

The OptiSense mobile Gun-B is designed for contactless inspection of freshly applied powder coatings prior to burn-in. It measures the still-soft powder coating independent of colour and type on substrates such as metal, wood, glass or plastic. The shrinkage during melting is taken into account. Cost-intensive reworking of an overcoating can be avoided by a simple measurement directly in the coating booth, which is especially important for large components.

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