QATM Rockwell hardness tester 150 M

1. on 12″ Touch-Display Evaluation and data management

  • High-quality and sturdy aluminium case
  • USB for data export and input
  • Quick change between lenses and penetrators


2. Data management and creation of test reports


3. Row measurement


4. Numerous statistics


5. Input by virtual keyboard


6. Access to universal hardness testing

  • Optic evaluation by means of manual movement of the test anvil under the lens
  • The work piece is secured against shifting by means of magnets
  • Integrated lens system with high resolution camera
  • Long working distance lenses and automatic brightness adjustments
  • Hardness tester operated via external 12“ touch-screen with Qpix T12 software


7. Working Room Lighting

The integrated working room lighting allows an accurate positioning of the penetrator. (Standard on Rockwell Hardness tester Q150R)


8. Extended Test Area

The entire Rockwell hardness tester range can be customized. Send us your specifications and you will immediately receive a customized solution that works.


9. High Performance and Highly Professional

Completely connected in high performance with the integrated Windows PC with SSD hard disk even in the base model of the Rockwell hardness tester Q150R. Customized data connection and integration into production lines possible.


10. Configurable Protocol and Data Management

  • Across-the-line software design
  • Numerous statistic functions: bar graph, progression, histogram
  • Measurement value list to export as „Excel“ (CSV via export configurator)
  • Standardized detail information to each indentatio
  • A4 protocol as PDF / direct print
  • User management with different security access levels to the hardness tester


Upgrade modules / accessories

The Rockwell Hardness Tester Qness 150 M is a product that grows with your requirements – a perfect investment into the future!

  • Digital Slide 260 mm x 166 mm
  • Designer machine pedestal
  • Barcode Reader
  • Test anvils


Technical Data

Test method Rockwell
Test force range 1 – 250 kg (9.81 – 2450 N)
Test height / Throat depth 260 mm / 180 mm
Test height extension 450 mm
Height adjustment v max 6 mm/s
Software Qpix T2
Integrated optic system Yes
Camera system High resolution camera system
Test anvil / Cross slide Manual cross slide 250 x 260mm
Data interface 1x USB (Display), 2x USB, 1x RJ45 (Ethernet), 1x RS232
Weight of basic machine 105 kg
with Test height extension 122 kg
Max. work piece weight 100 kg
Power supply 230~1/N/PE, 110~1/N/PE
Max. power consumption ~ 240 W


Accessories and Options

General Test anvils, Indenters

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