QATM Model CHD Master – Fully Automatic, Economically, Up-To-Date

Test Methods and Force Application


Q10 CHD Master

Q30 CHD Master

Q60 CHD Master


Convincing benefits

Ready to test

Vickers indenter and 3 lenses included in the basic package -no restrictions with test methods; all test load steps available and immediately useable.


Fully automatic test sequence

With electronic load application and an enclosed circuit.


6-fold tool-change turret

The 6-fold tool-change turret is standard and offers plenty ofspace for various test methods.


Optimum stop

Time-saving mode completes test series as soon as lower hardness limit has been undercut.


A simple start to fully-automated hardness testing

Largest test space

The sophisticated construction in anodized aluminium offers a large and well-arranged test space. The fully automatic XY-slide with a high- precision incremental measurement system can be equipped with an 1-fold sample holder. Beyond that, customer specific magazines can be managed and created in the software.

Template function

  • Types of measurement: CHD, NHD, SHD, row measurement, rapid single measurements
  • Template function ideal for repeat tests / components
  • Pull test series into the desired position
  • The row starting point is automatically determined by the Auto-Snap function


Protocol and data presentation

Wide range of structuration options for stored test item data. Adaptable content for export files and protocol content.


Modular expandable with sample image camera

Modular upgrade with sample image camera for the CHD Master possible at any time – as “CHD MASTER +” ready for new applications.



Revolutionary 3D concept

Intuitive, clearly structured and professional: Qpix Control2 heralds a new generation of hardness testing software developed to guarantee maximum user-friendliness.

More Information about the Qpix Control2 Software on Qness WEB page


Technical Data

Test force range

50 g – 10 kg (0.49 – 98.1 N)

Tool changer

6-fold, motorized


Qpix Control2

Types of measurement

CHD, NHD, RHD, Single piece-, row measurement

Test anvil / Cross slide


Traverse path X/Y/Z

X 150 / Y 150 / Z 145 mm

Weight of basic machine


58 kg

Data interface

1x USB3.0: Interface PC hardness tester

Repeatability X/Y slide

+/- 3.5 µm

Camera system

18 MP color camera

Max. workpiece weight

50 kg

Power supply

230~1/N/PE, 110~1/N/PE

Max. power consumption

~200 W


Accessories and Options

Included lenses and indenters

Lenses: 4x, 20x, 40x
DakkS- certified Vickers indenter

Sample holder (option)

CHD Master: 1-fold (Ø 30 / 40 / 50 mm)
CHD Master+: 1-fold (Ø 30 / 40 / 50 mm), 4-fold (Ø 30 / 40 / 50 mm), 8-fold (Ø 30 / 40 mm)

Data connection plugins (option)



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