QATM ATM Inspect

The software package QATM Inspect is characterized by intuitive and user-friendly design and provides an extensive toolbox for microscopic evaluation and documentation of results. The software basis comprises a wealth of features and is adaptable to customer-specific tasks. It is easily extendable with a variety of add-on modules.

With QATM Inspect microscoping tasks are executed rapidly, easily and with utmost precision. QATM Inspect extends the range of functions of stereo microscopes and/or reflected light microscopes with interactive in-image-measurements and the generation of customized reports. Measurement and report templates help to increase throughput rates for routine tasks.

The automatic brightness adjustment and the automatic shading correction lead to fast and usable image results. Simple measurements like lengths and areas may be inserted into the image by using overlay elements. Additionally, the software basis provides measurement instruments for the statistical evaluation of layer thicknesses and grain sizes. Additionally, the software is able to load, to recalibrate and to size external images.

The software has been developed to accommodate either touch or mouse operation in a 64-bit-Version (WIN 7/8/10). A modular software structure allows the user to extend the portfolio of functions any time. The microstructure analysis add-ons increase the degree of automation for phase analyses, layer thicknesses and grain sizes.


Product Advantages

  • Interactive in-image-measurements and report generator
  • Compatible with reflected light microscopes and/or stereo microscopes
  • Opportunity to integrate multiple microscope cameras
  • Result documentation via images and customized reports
  • Extensible with microstructure analysis add-ons



Key Features

Interactive Measurements

  • Measure lengths, areas, angles and free forms
  • Alignment of objects using coordinates and angles
  • Customizable in color, font, size and style
  • Lock individual metrics
  • Measurement templates for recurrent samples


Report Generator

  • Output of value tables, images and diagrams
  • Insertion of form fields
  • Individual styling with drag and drop
  • Template management for recurrent test reports


Inspect Phase Analysis

  • Automatized image object measurement
  • Measurement of phase fractions according to ISO 9042 and ASTM E562-11
  • Output of analysis results in terms of the relative/absolute area in tables or graphs
  • Statistical quantities (e.g. mean, standard deviation, median, minimum, maximum)


Inspect Coating Thickness

  • Measurement of coating thickness according to DIN EN ISO 1463
  • Semi-automatic measurement of horizontally and vertically aligned coatings and curved coatings
  • Output of analysis results in terms of individual thicknesses in tables or graphs
  • Output of the coating thickness in terms of statistical quantities (e.g. mean,standard deviation, median,minimum, maximum)


Inspect Grain Size Analysis

  • Measurement of the grain size according to DIN EN ISO 643 and ASTM E112-13 including lineal and circular intercept procedures
  • Output of analysis results in terms of tables and graphs
  • Acquisition of statistical quantities of the grain size as well as of the grain intercept lengths (e.g. mean, standard deviation, median, minimum, maximum)

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