Karl Deutsch Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Echograph 1095

The New Generation of Manual Ultrasonic Testing

High-tech meets comfort: Besides the proven qualities of its predecessor model the new ultrasonic flaw detector ECHOGRAPH 1095 features time corrected gain and backwall echo attenuation. Designed as an ideal instrument for manual ultrasonic testing, it is equipped with the advantages of digital test equipment: Sturdy mechanical and electronic components with a large, high-contrast screen and a convenient, practical user interface make it nearly indestructible even in harsh operating environments or outdoors.

Powerful, compact and user-friendly

The powerful ultrasonic flaw detector features 3 monitors for amplitude and time-of-flight measurement and 3 associated status lamps on the front panel for monitoring of threshold levels. The very compact instrument (54 mm case depth) provides fast digital ultrasonic electronics with a high sampling rate and pulse repetition frequencies up to 5000 Hz.


Operating assistance for less-experienced users

A convenient user guidance supports less-trained UT inspectors, also during probe handling and instrument adjustment: Simply activate the wizard and follow the instructions on the screen. Even difficult evaluation procedures for defect sizing (DAC/TCG, JIS, AWS or DGS) are set almost automatically.


Display Evaluation with DGS and DAC

Display evaluation DGS method (option):

  • Not restricted to special probes (DGS curve is calculated within the instrument)
  • Visualisation of the reference DGS curve
  • Defect size (FBH = flat bottom hole) is directly shown
  • DGS with KARL DEUTSCH TR probes
  • Indication of up to 6 additional threshold curves

Display evaluation DAC method (option):

  • Reference line method (EN 1330-4)
  • Optical and acoustical alarm when exceeding or dropping below the curve
  • Indication of up to 6 threshold curves
  • DAC support points can be manually added, shifted and deleted (up to 16 points)
  • Calculation of time corrected gain from the DAC curve


Time Corrected Gain TCG

For TCG evaluation the gain is adjusted depth-dependent according to the previously recorded DAC curve (option).

As a result, large reflectors with equal sizes are displayed with equal amplitudes though they are located in different depths.


Backwall echo attenuation

Very often the flaw echoes between transmitter pulse and backwall echo are much smaller than a backwall echo used for monitoring of coupling. With activated backwall echo attenuation monitor 3 can be shifted over the backwall echo and a separate gain can be selected there. As a result, it is possible to show all interesting echoes in a useful height (in the example picture: amplification 28 dB within and 45 dB outside of monitor 3.


High-precision wall thickness measurement

The high-precision distance measurement is executed with the aid of signal zero crossings and uses the RF-mode of the unit. Exclusively considering zero crossings minimizes influences of amplification and signal shape, thus wall thickness values are highly accurate and stable. Besides arithmetic averaging, storing of minimal and maximal values is available. As a result, the unit is optimized e.g. for the measurement of corrosion.



  • displays up to 6 measured values in large digits
  • is equipped with 3 monitors to measure amplitude and time-of-flight, as well as 3 associated control lamps on the front panel to monitor exceeding or dropping below threshold values
  • enables to reference echoes and to record echo dynamics
  • allows to move all 3 monitor gates in “freeze” mode and recalculates the displayed measured values accordingly
  • contains a probe data base for easy entering of probe data, even for third-party probes
  • saves all data, e.g. screenshots as BMP files or series of measurement as CSV files for a simple data export on a removable 8 GB SD flash card
  • allows evaluation even on curved surfaces (e.g. pipes)
  • has an adjustable square pulser with a pulse width automatically adapted to the frequency of the probe when it is loaded, but which can be changed  manually as well
  • features digital filters for optimal adaption to the probe
  • is dust-proof and provides protection against water jets according to IP65
  • has a rugged metal housing with anti reflex protection glass screen and rubber protective holster for rough environment conditions
  • can be operated independently of the mains power supply by means of the built-in lithium-ion battery (charging of the battery is executed also during testing if connected to the mains)
  • provides update and upgrade options via the SD-card


The versions

The ECHOGRAPH 1095 is available in 4 versions:

  • 1095 Basic
  • 1095 DAC/TCG/AWS
  • 1095 DGS/DAC/TCG

Further options on request:

  • Matrix memory
  • TOFD
  • B-scan

For more information visit Karl Deutsch website.

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