Kietumo ir struktūros matavimai magnetinės indukcijos metodu

Foerster MAGNATEST® sensors

The standard program comprises sensors for material diameters of 5 mm to 200 mm. The coils’ sizes, which increase in small increments, guarantee accurate test results and make it possible to perfectly match the coils to meet your requirements. Special coils can be manufactured to meet individual customer requirements for diameters larger than 200 mm. The sensors ensure reliable operation even in tough environments.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Testing of metallic materials for their different physical properties
  • Test coil sizes increase in small increments for optimum test results


Technical Data

Test material diameter 5 mm – 200 mm
Special geometries special versions are available for dimensions larger than 200 mm

For more information visit Foerster website.

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