MAGNATEST ECM CE is a compact, low-cost solution for magnetic induction material testing. It is compiled in one compact unit comprising of test instrument, panel PC with touchsceen, eddyAssist application software, and required accessories. The whole system comes fully configured and installed.

The 17” TFT display shows test results as a colored graphic. The unit is operated automatically thanks to an installation and settings wizard. The instrument settings can be saved at any time and all test results logged.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Compact solution for magneto-inductive material testing based on the FOERSTER MAGNATEST ECM 3.621 TESTER
  • Integrated complete solution consisting of tester, panel PC with Windows® operating system and eddyAssist application software
  • Comfortable configuration of the testing and installation parameters
  • Online measured value display
  • Installation and optimisation wizards
  • Loading and saving of device settings to mass storage device
  • Test reports


Technical Data

Excitation frequency 2 Hz to 128 kHz, 17 levels
Throughput depending on excitation frequency, approx. 10 items at 1 kHz
Test resolution manual, external, internal
Sorting threshold circle, ellipse, rectangle
Stimulation mono-frequency
Operating software eddyAssist
Panel PC Windows® operating system

For more information visit Foerster website.

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