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Qness (QATM) Fully Automatic Process System SYSTEMAUTOMAT

Designed and developed by QATM, the compact SYSTEMAUTOMAT completely automates the grinding and polishing aspects of the specimen preparation process. Simple touch-screen controls access all parameters and procedures.

The Systemautomat ensures that each specimen is properly processed and guarantees reproducible results and, in addition more space for sample analysis. Elements for the Systemautomat come from the System Lab cabinets and equipment.

Within the sturdy aluminium housing, it is possible to install 4 to 8 system work stations. Up to 11 different operations can be programmed and sequenced for a particular application.

Options include pre-grinding, grinding and polishing as well as cleaning and drying in any combination.The Systemautomat automatically proceeds from one step to the next, eliminating the manual, time-consuming task of cleaning each sample holder between steps. With its modular construction the SYSTEMAUTOMAT has a price-to-performance ratio that makes it a cost effective system even for lower volume labs.


  • Working wheels: Ø 300 mm
  • Foil changer station
  • Dosing system: 6-fold, incl. fine polishing suspension
  • Storage for up to 10 sample holders
  • Individual configuration


Product Advantages

  • Fully automatic grinding- and polishing automat
  • Individually configurable
  • Shelf system for sample holder
  • Solid aluminium module construction
  • Graphic touch screen panel crosswise moveable
  • Integrated electric control cabinet left and right
  • Light barrier to secure danger area


Equipment / Options / Accessories

  • Grinding and polishing station
  • Cleaning station
  • Ultrasonic station
  • Face-grinding station
  • Foil changer station

For more information visit QATM website.

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