QATM Grinding & Polishing Machine Qpol XL

High sample throughput with maximum reliability: The Qpol XL is a robust and powerful powerhouse with unique removal performance and excellent preparation results. With maximum stability of body and polishing head, this unit is part of a series of QATM floor standing polishing machines. The integrated load cell and the innovative motorized force control allow defined material removal and highest process reliability. The storage of up to 200 preparation methods is possible in the intuitive software as well as professional user management.



  • 7“ touch screen
  • Status display and acoustic signal
  • Up to 200 programs and complete preparation methods storable
  • User Account Management with variable user rights
  • USB / Ethernet interface for remote maintenance and data transfer


Product Advantages

  • Working discs Ø 300/350 mm
  • Powerful engines: Drive spindle 2.2 kW – Polishing head 1.1 kW
  • Force control with electronic measuring system (50 – 750 N)
  • Modular dosing system with up to 6 vessels and optional magnetic stirrer
  • Motorized swivelling dosing arm for uniform wetting of the working disc
  • Spin cycle function of the working disc (Cleaning Boost)
  • Highest safety through automated safety hood
  • Fast, easy and tool-free work disc change


Robust engineering – functional design

The basic requirements when developing the automatic grinder / polisher Qpol XL were a corpus and polishing head of utmost stability. A solid steel construction, powder-coated and a working area lined with stainless steel emphasize the sustainable, and at the same time modern and compact, machine design – made in Germany.


Removal measurement

The QATM Qpol XL comes with a system for precise measurement of material removal – regardless of operating time, sample type, material and hardness, you can easily monitor the material height already removed.


Convincing performance data

The drive motor of the working wheel has a power of 2.2 kW and the polishing head of 1.1 kW. The speed of both systems can be operated in clockwise and counter clockwise direction as well as in oscillating movement.


Advanced technology and modularity

  • Electronic measurement system for controlled press forces between 50 and 750 N.
  • Integrated removal measurement
  • Intuitive operating software
  • Modular dosing concept with level warning


Cleaning station (option)

In the cleaning station specimens are automatically cleaned with water, ethanol and air or by spin cycling at up to 800 rpm (adjustable). Thus, each preparation step is finalized with a cleaning step to avoid cross contamination.



QATM offers a wide selection of standard sample holders with different diameters and for a variety of applications and machines. Clamping of samples with unusual dimensions can be realized with special sample holders.


Motorized swivelling dosing arm

The fully loaded motorized swivelling dosing arm provides uniform wetting of the working wheel. It offers automatic referencing, automatic nozzle rinsing as well as good accessibility to the dosing hoses.


Maximum safety

The motorized acryl glass safety hood protects the working area of the machine. The transparent hood is equipped with a safety switch and opens automatically when the program is finished. For easy cleaning the hood can simply be unhinged.


Preperation for external suction

Direct suction of vapor from the working area through suction nozzle.


Qpol XL control software Convenient operation

The modern design of QATM’s proven control software allows for intuitive and user-friendly operation. Standard preparation methods and typical consumables are preinstalled.


Modular dosing system

The cleverly integrated dosing system accommodates up to 6 Qdoser Duran glass bottles (1L). When equipping the Qpol XL with “Preparation Dosing System”, the suspension containers can be retrofitted in packages of 2, preparing your Qpol for all future requirements. Details like the gentle illumination of the containers and the soft-closing hood top off this well-thoughtout equipment option.


Magnetic stirrer and level warning

The dosing system can be equipped with a magnetic stirrer. The automated stirring ensures optimum distribution of abrasive particles contained in the suspension before usage. This homogenization process significantly improves the preparation result. The new level detection for suspensions gives a warning before the container is empty, which is refillable in the ongoing process.


Cleaning boost

The spin cycle function „Cleaning Boost” is integrated into the software and spins the residual liquid off the grinding/polishing medium at the end of the preparation process with max. rpm for 3 seconds.


Signal lamp

The optional signal lamp allows monitoring of your Qpol XL from a distance: The red/yellow/green lights show the current state of the machine at a glance.


Recirculation cooling and sedimentation tank

Seamlessly incorporated into the machine base and easily accessible via push-to-open door. Lateral guidance of the extendible and rollable unit via slide rails.


Manual cleaning

Integrated spiral rinsing hose with ball valve allows for manual cleaning of the working area.


Technical Data

Working wheels Ø 300 / 350 mm
Speed working wheel variable (50 – 600 min-1n)
Running direction working wheel right
Sample holder Ø 159 – 204 mm
Speed sample holder variable (50 – 350 min-1)
Running direction sample holder right / left
Pressing system Central pressing force
Central pressure 50 – 750 N
Drive power working wheel 2.2 kW (S1 operation)
Drive power head 0.75 kW (S1 operation) resp. 1.1 kW (S3 operation)
Connection power 6 kVA
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz (3Ph / N / PE) / 480 V, 60 Hz (3Ph / N / PE) / 220 V, 60 Hz (3Ph / N / PE)
Weight (depending on configuration) ~ 390 kg

For more information visit QATM website.

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