Helmut-Fischer Fisherscope ST200 for paints and hard material coatings

The FISCHERSCOPE® ST200 is Fischer’s first automatic scratch-test system for characterizing hard material layers. Easily check the adhesion and cohesive strength of layers ≥1 μm thick. The instrument is ideal for use in development, quality assurance, incoming goods control and production monitoring.



  • Diverse measurement modes with progressive, constant or incrementally increasing test force
  • Measure according to the following norms: ASTM C1624, ISO 20502 and DIN EN 1071-3
  • Force control for measuring on curved surfaces
  • Three analysis methods: optical microscopy, friction force, acoustic emission
  • Intuitive user interface – only a brief familiarization is required to use the instrument
  • Fast measurements with motorized XY-stage and Z-axis
  • Easy creation of test reports



  • Testing how well thin coatings adhere to their substrates
  • Automated measurements with high sample throughput
  • Hard material coatings (PVD, CVD)
  • Components for vehicle engines and drivetrains
  • Electroplated layers (decorative, functional)
  • Characterization of hard anodized coatings
  • Special materials for medical technology
  • Electronic components, plugs, etc.
  • Layers applied via plasma treatment

For more information visit Helmut Fischer website.

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