Hardness Testing


For all machines with touch screen.


Full Screen Mode

A clear overview of all the most important functions on one screen guarantees user-friendliness and, most importantly, ensures test results are clearly prioritized.


Multi-touch capacity for ultra-simple operation

Modern multi-touch operation for simple zooming and easy menu navigation.


QPIX SOFTWARE T2 suitable for: Qness 60 M EVO, Qness 250/750/3000 C/CS, Qness 250/750/3000 M/MS/E, Qness 250/750/3000 E Qness 150 R (Qpix T2R).


Row Test Sequence

Predefinition of test programmes with a fixed number of test points. Can also be selected with manual slide, digital micrometre spindle and position-feedback.


Save, delete & export functions

Save, create protocols and archive data at the click of one single button. Ideal for serial tests or in-line integration.


Protocol and Data Export

Export formats also in Qpix T2 PDF, XLSX, DOCX, XML or CSV, plus direct release of results via RS232 or Ethernet interface.


Dynamic Height Adjustment

Qpix T2 provides dynamic height adjustment, enabling quick and precise positioning with the Q250/750/3000E. Once clamping has been completed, the automatic test start and freely selectable release options increase ease of operation.


Advanced Test Block Management

Redefining calibration result management: The Qness Calibration Manager can be set up to provide users with re-minders of necessary checks at selected intervals. Test results can be added to the ongoing statistical profile at the push of a button. A clearly comprehensible overview of permitted tolerance values and long-term tracing of trends derived from all results, for every device and every test block. Qness test block data can be called up conveniently online without the need to enter test plate details. Extremely simple protocol access for purposes such as audits.


Online Support

The ‘Online Support Mode’ enables Qness hardness testing devices to be connected up with Qness or the respective Qness service partner. This guarantees quick and simple access to assistance for users with questions or for the installation of software updates.

For more information visit QATM website.

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