About us

About us

Matavimo technologijos, UAB

We have been specializing in measuring device sphere for many years, so we know how to choose a high-quality solution that meets your needs best.

We are partners of widely recognized European measuring devices manufacturer Helmut-Fischer Gmbh, KARL DEUTSCH Pruef- und Messgeraetebau GmbH + Co KG, Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG, QATM GmbH, Sylvac SA , we can offer time-tested solutions for coating thickness measurement, material testing, surface inspection, hardness assessment or defect detection.

We can offer hand-held, desktop or production line-mounted measuring devices:

  • Devices for measuring the composition of gold, jewelry and precious stones (X-ray spectrometers);
  • Metal composition analysis devices;
  • Devices for measuring metal coatings, wall thickness and composition;
  • Metal and plastic hardness (Mikro, Macro, according to Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop) meters;
  • Metal defect detectors (defectoscopes);
  • Devices for determining the magnetic properties of materials;
  • Metalworking tools, loom, etc.

You can find the range we offer in the product catalog by device category: