Hardness Testing


For all machines with semi-automatic hardness testing

Seamless Software Platform

Whether using a Q10A+ or a Q250C, even manual devices can be set up with Qpix Control2 and external PCs. Testers appreciate the benefits of this seamless software platform when operating a varied range of Qness devices. This eliminates the need for additional training when purchasing another device. As with Qpix Control2, Qpix Control2R and Qpix Control2M can also be used with a semi-automatic hardness tester.


Professional Data Management

Clearly structured batch management and effective use of templates are provided from a wide range of test projects and the background structuring of test results with complete job information. Templating options are supplied with all the necessary information about test patterns, samples, test methods, designation and user field data.


Basis for bi-directional data link-up

Qpix Control2 facilitates universal bidirectional data interfaces with order management systems. Completely customized link-up solution on request.

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