Nanoindentation and Mechanical Properties

Helmut-Fischer Fisherscope HM2000 S for mechanical testing

The FISCHERSCOPE HM2000 S is ideally suited for the manual measurement of mechanical and electrical material properties in the inspection of inbound goods or the testing of fabricated goods. Uncomplicated construction and high quality components make this an outstanding instrument for measuring microhardness. Without requiring special sample preparation, test specimens are positioned by hand and material parameters such as Martens hardness, Vickers hardness, elastic modulus of indentation or creep are measured quickly and accurately. Fischer places value on measurement instruments that offer a long service life: if your requirements for measurement technology change, the entry-level model for microhardness measurement can be upgraded to the semi-automatic variant, HM2000.



  • Determination of numerous plastic and elastic properties such as indentation hardness (convertible into Vickers hardness), modulus of indentation and creep
  • Measurement and computation of material parameters according to DIN EN ISO 14577-1 and ASTM E 2546
  • Indenters: Vickers, Berkovich or carbide ball
  • Customer-specific indenters on request
  • Measuring head suitable for the measurement of creep at constant temperatures over several hours
  • Equipped with high-performance WIN-HCU software, which supports intuitive operation of the microhardness instrument and the evaluation of numerous material parameters



  • Microhardness measurement of samples with simple geometries
  • Determination of the plastic and elastic properties of paint coatings to assess the hardness, elasticity and stability of the painted surface, for example for quality control in the automotive industry
  • Determination of atmospheric influences on paint coatings
  • Testing of the wear-resistance of thin anodized layers (hard anodizing) on aluminum profiles
  • Control of decorative and functional electroplated layers
  • Testing of PVD and CVD layers
  • Proving the scratch and abrasion resistance of coatings
  • Testing of DLC layers



  • Enclosed measurement chamber to avoid external influences such as air streams from air conditioning units
  • Natural hard stone plate with damper feet to reduce vibration influences

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