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Landis+Gyr ULTRAHEAT T330 – Ultrasonic heat and cooling meter

The T330 combines the proven technologies of ULTRAHEAT meters and thus covers a wider range of individual consumption metering in apartments, local heating or building technologies.



Versatile installation options
The extremely compact design of the T330, as well as the rotatable and detachable calculator simplify the installation of the meter and facilitate reading. Even there where is a lack of space, such as for example in narrow meter cabinets or poorly accessible places, the T330 can be used effortlessly.



Platform strategy
Since more than three decades the Landis+Gyr ultrasonic meters have been successful in tough district- and residential heating applications.
Recognized and well-proven meter components have been improved and combined into a new concept. The precision of the measuring unit and the consistent operating concept of the calculator ensure familiar handling of the T330, such as installation, operation and readout.



Excellent measuring stability
The T330 has a full-metal measuring unit without moving parts in the measuring channel and is equipped with the special internal profile DuraSurface™. This makes it insensitive to soiling and ensures failure-free operation with constant measuring accuracy over many years.



New advanced features
The advanced software features ensure easier handling of the measurement data and help the thermal energy meter to adapt intelligently to changing situations in order to deliver precise measurement results.

  • Adaptive measurement
  • Temperature compensation
  • Manual Parameterization
  • Statistical values
  • Monthly values, due dates



  • Ultrasonic heat meter, cooling meter
    or combined heat/cooling meter
  • Insensitive to soiling and deposits
  • Fast, intelligent measurement for all applications
  • Flat, detachable calculator
  • Temperature range: 5-105 °C (optional 5-130 °C)
  • Short measuring intervals and high load capacity
  • Measuring of smallest flows
  • Data storage for 24 months
  • 2 monthly set days (middle of month)
  • Fast and safe installation
  • No straight lengths of pipe or flow strengtheners required
  • Comply with the strict European Directive (class 2)
  • Fast communication
  • Precise, resistant, non-wearing

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