Matavimai magnetinių dalelių metodu

Karl DEUTSCH Magnetic Particles Testing DEUTROPULS Hand Yokes

Mobile Crack detection: Safe and reliable

The DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke is a mobile yoke for magnetic particle inspection with extra magnetization performance, easy handling and for miscellaneous applications. The robust design allows reliable magnetic particle crack detection also under harsh conditions. The mechanical design takes the highest safety demands into account. The instrument is fully sealed with high-quality casting resin against humidity. The optimal positioning onto the different workpieces is possible with the help of interchangeable extended, angled or flexible attachment poles respectively.


Available in two versions:

The 230 V AC version can be connected to the power supply system either directly or via an isolating transformer (230 V promary / 230 V secondary) for alvanic isolation. The 42 V AC version (low supply voltage is fed by an isolating transformer (order no. 3850.242) which is connected primary to 230 V and provides a secondary voltage of 42 V or 35 V respectively.

We make a point of safety!

Every DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke is subjected to an earth conductor test and is high-voltage resistant. Die 230 V version is protected against overheating by an integrated temperature sensor.


DASt directive 022 „Hot-dip galvanizing of supporting structural steelwork“

The new attachment poles ensure reliable magnetic particle testing through hot-dip galvanizings and thus permits testing in compliance with the DASt directive 022.

With the newly developed, geometrically optimized attachment poles of the hand yoke a field strength of more than 4 kA/m (40 A/cm) is achieved permitting magnetic particle testing of weld seams through the galvanizations. The magnetizing time and the post-magnetizing time is 6 seconds each. If required, available DEUTROPULS Hand Yokes can be retrofitted with these special attachment poles.

Hand yoke with new attachment poles for testing according to the DASt directive 022.



  • Weight optimized design with high magnetization performance
  • User-friendly shape with short travel switch
  • Resistant to high voltages and high dielectric strength
  • High-quality resin casted housing
  • Easily exchangeable cable
  • Replaceable switch, sealed according to IP65, very high switching stability
  • High duty cycle
  • Characteristics in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9934-3:2015, ASTM E1444-16

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