Matavimai magnetinių dalelių metodu

Karl DEUTSCH Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER 3873

Convenient and practice-oriented measurement of field strength

The DEUTROMETER 3873 measures magnetic direct and alternating fields in the low-frequency range. Specialist knowledge from long-standing’ experience acquired with the predecessor models could be incorporated into the development and with the aid of new technology customer wishes for practical handling were realized consistently.



With nondestructive crack detection of magnetizable workpieces the gauge is mainly used for the measurement of the tangential field strength during the magnetization and for the measurement of the residual field after the demagnetization.

In addition the DEUTROMETER can be used also as a flux density measuring instrument (Tesla meter).

During the magnetic particle crack detection workpieces are magnetized by means of a current or a field flow.


For a secure indication of cracks a minimum magnetizing field strength must be reached in this case. After termination of the test cycle the workpiece becomes demagnetized again and environmentally neutral.

In a quick and precise manner the DEUTROMETER 3873 is capable of checking whether the required strength of the magnetizing field was reached and whether the residual field strength after demagnetization is below a limit.

In doing so the instrument needs not to be toggled manually: The field detection of the instrument automatically selects the required operating mode.

The menu guidance is executed in comprehensible plain text. The illuminated display and the lettering which fluoresces under UV light permit safe and convenient operation of the instrument also inside the darkened testing booth.


Operating modes

The user of the DEUTROMETER can select from four operating modes:

  • Measurement of alternating/direct field (automatic detection)
  • Measurement of alternating/direct field (automatic detection) with limit monitoring
  • Measurement of direct field (e.g. for residual fields)
  • Measurement of alternating field (e.g. measurement of the magnetizing strength)



For optimal adaptation to the geometrical conditions you can choose between a 0° and a 90° measuring head. An alternative, paraffin-resistant execution makes the probes especially robust and thus suitable for crack detection using oil-based testing agents.

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